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We typically offer two different adult education classes during the school year, Sept.-May.  Everyone is welcome!
– Richard Westby, Adult Education Coordinator

My Neighbor is Muslim

Adult Forum

You are invited to participate with us and other non-Mennonite groups as two Imams will make five presentations during October and November at Faith Mennonite Church during the education hour at 11 a.m. Samir Saikali will speak four times and Jaylani Hussein will speak once.

Oct. 1 – Beliefs & Practices

Oct. 15 – The Qur’an & Commandments

Oct. 29 – Sharia (Islamic Law), Jihad, & Family Structure in Islam (including the role & rights of women).

Nov. 5 – Islamic Economics & Financing

Nov. 19 – Jaylani will speak on CAIR

The other four Sundays the discussion will be led by FMC teachers and break into small discussion groups. If you are able to attend, please come and help us all attain true authentic FAITH!


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